My name is Jose. But here everyone pronounces my name ass “Jozi”. So when I was thinking of a gamer tag a couple years ago, I just thought of BoN_JoZi. So that’s where the name comes from if you’re wondering. Nothing to do with Bon Jovi!!!   I’m a 32 year old guy, from South Africa. I’m just a normal chilled out guy who enjoys spending time with my family mostly. I enjoy just chilling in front of the telly, playing games on my PS or watching movies.

This page will just be mostly about 3 topics…

Life. I’ll probably write quite a bit about myself and my condition (ESRD – End Stage Renal Disease).

Gaming. I’m more on the causal gaming side, I have a PS3 and PS4, but tend to only play on the PS4 now. I get quite a few games, but because I work quite long hours, I don’t get to play as much as I’d like. This section of the site will probably get most of my attention…

Conspiracies. I enjoy reading about conspiracies and watching videos about them, so whenever I see anything interesting come up, I’ll write something about it.



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